Get Restorations That will Preserve Your Beautiful Smile

Restorative dentistry goes back thousands of years. Various materials have been used to fix and replace teeth throughout human history, but nothing has been as durable and lifelike as the materials we use today.

Modern crowns are make with ceramics that closely mimic the appearance of real teeth. Crowns can be used to fix a number of problems, including broken, cracked, discolored, severely decayed, misshapen, and worn-down teeth. Most people get a crown as the final step in a root canal treatment. You can also place a crown on top of a dental implants to replace a tooth that has been lost or extracted.

Crowns can be fused together, as well, to create a dental bridge. You can choose between two kinds of bridges:

  • Traditional Bridge – These bridges are supported by the teeth nearest to the ones that you lost. The healthy teeth are reshaped to form abutments for your bridge.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – Implant-supported bridges are a great option. These allow you to replace your missing teeth without doing anything to your remaining healthy teeth.

Getting this kind of restorative care can create anxiety in some patients. Knowing this, we are taking steps to make the process as simple and as comfortable as it can be for you.

Using 3-D imaging makes it easier to design the perfect restoration for your smile. To make your care as relaxing as it can be, get cozy with a warm blanket and a pillow. Watch one of your favorite shows on our ceiling-mounted televisions. Before your treatment, we can numb the area with local anesthesia and keep you relaxed with one of our sedation options.

Find the Best Solution for Your Dental Problem

Bridges and crowns are both excellent services that rebuild attractive smiles and allow you to bite and chew again. However, they aren’t always necessary to get your teeth back in shape.

Depending on your specific situation, we may recommend another of our restorative services, such as tooth fillings or inlays and onlays. For most cavities, a filling is more than sufficient. You may choose between a metal filling or a tooth-colored filling made with a composite resin. Some problems require more than a filling, but they don’t quite call for a full crown. Inlays and onlays will fix those in-between kinds of problems.

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