Find Immediate Care When You Need it Most

When you’re in pain because of a toothache or dental injury, seconds matter. That’s why we’re happy to be there for you when you need us most. At Sioux Falls Smiles, you have the advantage of an expert team with decades of experience who can provide fast, effective treatment for whatever dental problem you’re facing and ensure your oral health moving forward. We also prioritize your comfort with soothing amenities like pillows, blankets, TVs, and headphones – personal touches that can really make a difference to ease the stress of an emergency situation. Calm any additional nerves and deepen your relaxation with one of our sedation options.

We may rely on any number of treatments to handle your dental emergency, including:

  • Tooth Fillings – You might have a decayed tooth that’s causing you pain, which we can restore with either a silver or tooth-colored fillings.
  • Root Canal Treatment – If you have an infection, we can perform a comfortable root canal procedure to relieve your pain and save your tooth.
  • Tooth Extractions – When a tooth can’t be saved, we can remove it quickly and painlessly, as well as provide a replacement option that suits your needs best.
  • TMJ Treatment – We can create a custom oral appliance that eases the tension on your jaw joint, allows it to heal naturally, and reduces painful symptoms like headaches and facial soreness.

Don’t suffer a moment longer than you need to! Call 605-638-9986 for help with your dental emergencies in Sioux Falls.