Keep Your Smile Healthy With a Gum Graft

Receding gums can happen for a variety of reason. Genetics, injury, and periodontal disease are common causes of this condition. To repair your gumline, we can perform a surgical procedure called a gum graft. This may have cosmetic benefits for your smile as well.

Here’s what will happen:

  • Healthy gum tissue is removed from the top of your mouth.
  • That tissue is grafted onto your receding gums to repair your gumline.
  • Your mouth needs time to heal as the tissue connects.
  • In the end, your gumline will look great, and you will restore your oral health.

To help ease your anxiety, we offer sedation options at our practice. This will keep you pain-free and relaxed throughout your procedure. We make your comfort an integral part of what we do.

Receding gums are not something you should ignore. Regardless of the cause, they are a symptom of a serious oral health concern that you should address as soon as possible. Without healthy gums, loose teeth and tooth loss are much more likely. Act now to keep your smile intact.

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