Introduce Your Children to Dental Care in a Friendly Place

Pediatric care is an integral part of our practice. We encourage families to follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation to bring their child to the dentist by their first birthday. During this initial appointment with us, we do multiple things:

  • Ease your child into dental care
  • Introduce cleanings and other dental services
  • Answer your questions about your child’s oral health and hygiene

In addition to safe sedation options, we also have comfort amenities to make your family’s visits easier. Blankets, ceiling-mounted TVs, and headphones provide welcome distractions during appointments for many patients.

Everyone’s dental needs change throughout their lives. We have the ability to care for your children’s needs, your needs, and your parents’ needs. We can and do treat 5, 25 and 95-year-old patients with our variety of services including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic options. We also offer Invisalign and emergency dentistry.

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