Enhance Your Quality of Life With Teeth Implants

When your new teeth are secured to implants, you can enjoy several life-changing benefits, like:

  • Unmatched Stability – Implants act like tooth roots for your replacement teeth, attaching to your jawbone for unmatched stability and longevity.
  • Bite Strength – Because implants provide such a stable foundation for your restorations, you’ll have the bite strength to enjoy eating all your favorite foods again.
  • Easy Maintenance – You can brush and floss your teeth as you always did, making life with implants an easy transition.
  • A Youthful Facial Structure – Not only will a complete smile make you look younger, but teeth implants will preserve your jawbone and facial structure, allowing you to avoid premature wrinkles or sunken cheeks that often result from tooth loss.
  • Better Overall Health – Chewing your food will be easy, allowing you to maintain a diverse, healthy diet for better digestion, nutrition, and overall health.
  • Renewed Confidence – When you have replacement teeth that look and feel natural, you’ll be able to smile confidently again.
  • Durability – With the proper care, research shows that your dental implants can last a lifetime.

Replacing your teeth with implants is a two-part process. First, the implants are placed inside your jaw. After you’ve healed, dental restorations are then attached to the implants. When you put our team in charge of your tooth replacement treatment plan, you can schedule both procedures here at Sioux Falls Smiles! Unlike many practices where you have to be referred to an outside specialist, we can place and restore your teeth implants for more convenient care.

Choose the Best Dental Implant Procedure For You

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth, we can help you find the best dental implant procedure to meet your needs. We can attach implants to:

  • Dental Crowns – An implant can be secured to a single crown, giving you a new tooth that looks, feels, and functions like a real tooth.
  • Dental Bridges – Secured to implants, we can use a dental bridge to replace several teeth without needing to modify any of your adjacent natural teeth.
  • Dentures – Implant dentures can be used to restore a full arch of upper or lower teeth, or both. You can receive implant dentures in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws. Using just four or six implants, we can also create non-removable dentures, saving you time and money overall.

Dental implants in Sioux Falls can give you your life back! Call us today at 605-638-9986 for a consultation.