Pick the Perfect Protection for Your Pearly Whites

You need to be proactive about preserving your teeth against the effects of injuries while you play sports. High-impact activities include more than contact sports like football and wrestling. They also include sports that involving changing speeds and directions, jumping, and throwing or catching an object.

You may be one of the many people who grind their teeth without being aware that you do so. If you wake up often with headaches or jaw pain, or you have difficulty opening or closing your mouth, we need to see you. When you come in for a checkup, we’ll look for the tell-tale signs of grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep, also called bruxism.

We can help you protect your teeth with options such as:

  • Athletic Mouthguards – Anyone who plays high-impact sports should wear a mouthguard while competing or practicing, according to the American Dental Association. The best protection comes from a custom mouthguard, which we can design for you.
  • Night Guards – Millions of people clench and grind their teeth in their sleep. This can damage your teeth and put you at risk of TMJ disorders. Wearing a night guard prevents the grinding and keeps your jaw in a more relaxed position, which reduces stress on your jaw joints.

With our technology, you won’t need to bite down on a tray of goop for us to get an impression of your teeth. Our digital impressions comfortable, quicker, and more accurate than the old way of doing things.

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