Trust Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction to Our Expert Team

Your wisdom teeth likely emerged in your late teens or early twenties. But thanks to evolution, we no longer need this set of third molars. While they may not cause any problems for some people, wisdom teeth can create future complications or pose oral health threats for others.

Third molars can sometimes cause pain if they’re in the wrong position, create overcrowding in your mouth, and even damage your other teeth. Even if you have room for your wisdom teeth, they can still be hard to reach, making it hard to keep them clean and safe from decay and gum disease. Impacted wisdom teeth can be another common and particularly painful problem. But even then, our team is here to help you avoid these potential hazards with a safe, gentle extraction procedure.

At Sioux Falls Smiles, you can count on a comfortable wisdom tooth extraction or other oral surgery. Not only will we numb the affected area completely, but we can also offer dental sedation to calm your nerves: inhaled sedation and oral conscious sedation. Both are safe and effective, and we can help you choose the method that suits your level of anxiety.

Wisdom teeth removal in Sioux Falls can be an easy experience in our expert hands. Call us today at 605-638-9986 for an appointment at Sioux Falls Smiles.