Alicia Loved Her Fast Whitening Treatment

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, why not consider a fast whitening treatment? Whether you are going on a first date or giving a big presentation at work, you want your smile to look its best. It will be noticeably brighter following a whitening treatment at Sioux Falls Smiles.

An office treatment, which takes about an hour, is the quickest way to a whiter smile. However, we also offer convenient home whitening options. Either way, you’ll enjoy results that are brighter than what you can get from products sold in drugstores. Our treatments contain a higher concentration of bleaching ingredients.

Watch our video to hear our patient Alicia discuss her experience. Then if you’re interested in professional teeth whitening, call us today at 605-250-4651 (Minnesota Ave) 605-638-9986 (Eastside) for an appointment in Sioux Falls, SD.