Your Exams Are Always Comfortable With Technology & Sedation

We try to make dental cleanings and all our treatments as comfortable as possible.  An intraoral camera enables our dentists to examine your mouth with less poking and prodding. We can even share its images with you on a monitor to show you what is going on in your mouth. If you’re especially nervous about your cleaning, ask us if sedation can help you relax.

If you’re a new patient, you can expect to:

  • Review your health history with us
  • Have digital X-rays taken
  • Receive a complete oral exam from one of our dentists
  • Be given personalized options for treatment if we detect any problems

Lessen the Severity of Problems With Early Detection

As with any medical issue, early detection keeps problems that affect your mouth from becoming serious. We use high-tech equipment like digital X-rays to look for early signs of:

  • Gum Disease – In its early stages, no more than a deep cleaning may be needed to treat gum disease. In advanced stages, you may need gum recession treatment to return your gums to health and prevent tooth loss.
  • Oral Cancer – The survival rates for oral cancer are highest if it is treated before it can spread from your mouth to lymph nodes or other organs.
  • Decay – Small cavities can be treated with dental fillings. Larger cavities will require a crown. If decay gets inside your tooth, you will need a root canal procedure.

For dental cleanings and exams in Sioux Falls, call us at 605-250-4651 today. You can also make an appointment online.