Find the Level of Dental Sedation You Need

Your sedation choices include laughing gas, which is mild enough even for young children, and oral sedation. Here are some factors to consider for each:

  • Laughing Gas – We can easily increase or reduce the amount you receive during your treatment, making this our most flexible form of sedation. It takes effect almost immediately when you breathe it in through a small mask over your nose. It wears off rapidly too and won’t leave you feeling groggy as other kinds of sedation can.
  • Oral Sedation – You can take a safe prescription pill before your procedure, so you’ll already feel relaxed when we begin. It’s a great choice for complicated procedures. You’ll be less aware of your surroundings than with laughing gas, yet you’ll still be able to understand and respond to us. Some patients don’t remember much about their appointment when it’s over! Because its effects last several hours, you will need a ride home.

To find out more about our sedation options in Sioux Falls or to schedule an appointment, call Sioux Falls Smiles at 605-250-4651. You can also schedule online.